2021 Catholic Handbook for Visiting the Sick & Homebound

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Over the past several months, we have heard the heartfelt stories of those who minister to the sick in hospitals and homes across the country, and the comfort they provide to families during challenging times. The Catholic Handbook for Visiting the Sick and Homebound is an essential resource designed for lay ministers of care, especially extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion to use when they visit, pray with, and give Communion to those who are sick and homebound.

This resource includes rites for:

  • Communion in Ordinary Circumstances
  • Communion in a Hospital or Institution
  • Order for the Blessing of the Sick
  • Order of Blessing for the Victim of a Crime or Oppression
  • Visits to the Sick and to a Sick Child

Now more than ever, finding ways to communicate the love of God through His Word to those who cannot be at Mass is especially important. This resource helps empower lay ministers to bring that Word to the suffering, the dying, and those who mourn.

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