Angelina Prays the Rosary (2 CDs)


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In April of 2000, Angelina received a letter of thanks and an Apostolic Blessing from His Holiness Pope John Paul II for her works on the Rosary.

This complete set of the Rosary has beautiful meditations and songs spoken and sung by Angelina when she was just 10 and 11 years old. Thousands have found a new joy and peace in praying the Rosary again with Angelina.

At one time or another many of us experience the presence of God and his love for us. It may be in church, riding down a long stretch of road, or perhaps in the quiet of our own room. So often our daily lives can be filled with anxieties that cloud our memories and strip us of our peace. This recording has been produced solely to instill one's faith or to revive a sense of clarity to a life that may have become murky through time.

Joyful Mysteries
    The Garden Song (Lyrics and music by David Mallet)
    Intro and Prayers
    Annunciation and Prayers
    Visitation Sing of Mary
    Nativity What Child Is This
    The Presentation
    Finding the Child in the Temple
    Ave Maria

Luminous Mysteries
We are the Light of the world (Lyrics and music by Joan Anthony Grief)
Apostle's Creed and Introductury Prayers
The Baptism of Jesus
Jesus' Self Manifestation at the Wedding of Cana
Proclamation of the Kingdom of God, with his call to Conversion
Jesus' Transfiguration
Institution of Eucharist
  Closing Prayers and Finale of We are the Light of the World

Sorrowful Mysteries
    In the Garden Intro
    Agony in the Garden
    Scourging at the Pillar
    O Sacred Head
    Jesus Carries the Cross
    The Crucifixion
    Were You There
    Prayers and Closing
    Our Father

Glorious Mysteries
    The Resurrection, Joyful Joyful, we Adore Thee, prayers
    The Ascension
    Descent of the Holy Spirit
    The Assumption
    The Coronation
    Hail Holy Queen
    Thank You (Closing)
    Hail Mary, Gentle Woman (Lyrics and music by Carey Landry

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