Catholic Update Guide to the Catholic Church


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What is the Catholic Church? How did it begin and develop into one of the largest religious organizations in the world? Why does it continue to grow when so many other Christian denominations have declined?

The Catholic Update Guide to the Catholic Church gives readers a concise yet inclusive overview of the Church as we know it today. The book explores the history of how the Church came to be, looking at key moments in its development from the time of Jesus to the twenty-first century. It examines the structure and organization of the Church, highlighting the practical implications of what’ s needed to run a worldwide institution while keeping an eye on the critical pastoral role of the Church.

You’ ll find out what makes the Church distinctly Catholic, identifying various qualities and characteristics of its members and solidifying the core tenets of Christianity inherent in the faith. More than just a religious organization, this book will show how the Catholic Church today holds the promise of a life filled with meaning and purpose, grounded in God and modeled on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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