Children's Countdown Nativity Set

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Buy the Children's Countdown Nativity for a family you love at the start of the Christmas season to teach your children about Christ's birth or for yourself to make it part of your own family tradition. Back of each figure contains the name of the figure and a short description of their role in the story.
1 Mary mother of baby Jesus; 2 Joseph husband of Mary; 3 Donkey carried Mary on her journey; 4 Sheep symbol of purity; 5 Ox warmed the manger; 6 Sheep symbol of innocence; 7 Angel announced the coming of baby Jesus; 8 Shepherd followed the Star of Bethlehem to visit baby Jesus; 9 Melchior wise man who brought the gift of gold; 10 Caspar wise man who brought the gift of Frankincense; 11 Balthazar wise man who brought the gift of Myrrh; 12 celebrate the birth of baby Jesus!

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