Corda Candle - Healing Peace - St. Martin de Porres


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These restorative scents of lemon and barbershop are inspired by St. Martin de Porres. 
Behind the Inspiration
Born in Peru in 1579, Martin was the child of unmarried parents: a father who was a Spanish nobleman and a poor mother who was of indigenous or African descent. His father abandoned the family, leaving Martin to be raised by a single mother. When he was 12, he was apprenticed to a surgeon/barber and he worked to help support his mom and sister. 

Around this time, he also began volunteering at a Dominican priory, doing the most menial of tasks. Eventually, Martin was welcomed as a brother and he used his barbering and surgery skills to care for the other Dominicans and the poor in the infirmary.

In art he is often depicted with a lemon tree, which signifies the many miracles attributed to St. Martin, even during his life. Part of his work included tending the priory garden and one story tells of a lemon tree that he planted that blossomed and bore fruit year round, providing fruit for the monks and the poor.

He is the patron of racial harmony, those of mixed race, social justice, barbers, hairdressers, public health workers, and innkeepers. Martin's feast day is November 3.

St. Martin de Porres, pray for us.

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