Gratitude Soy Blend Wax Melts - Forgiveness (Fresh Linen)


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When forgiveness occurs, it is like all is washed away. A new start. Just like the smell of fresh, clean linen.

A candle can do more than just light up a room, it can set a mood or transport you to a moment to relive your fondest memories. Gratitude Candles has been hand crafting homemade, soy blend candles since 2017. Every candle is made with premium products and have a wood wick to create a soft, crackling sound reminiscent to a fireplace on a cold winter night. With long-lasting, rich fragrances our candles will turn your house into a home. Our products are an expression of gratitude from those that pour the wax and place the wick. From our place to yours, fall in love with our candles scents as you cozy up and are teleported to a world of serenity and grace.

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