Light from Light


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In recent decades, antipathy toward religious belief in general, and Christianity in particular, has been on the rise; with over a quarter of Americans now identifying as religiously unaffiliated. The dumbing down of the faith, the influence of the new atheists, and the culture of self-invention have all contributed to obscuring the truth of what thoughtful Christians truly believe. This Christian book offers an all-encompassing answer to those who have strayed away from the light and are waiting for a sign to return home. To grapple with this evolving phenomenon of falsity, one of the Church’s leading thinkers sheds light on and imparts the intellectual depth of the Catholic faith and invites skeptics and seekers alike to seek rehabilitation through ‘Light from Light: A Theological Reflection on the Nicene Creed’. Walking through the venerable Nicene Creed, an ancient statement of doctrine accepted by most Christians around the world― Bishop Robert Barron invites readers to thoughtfully comprehend, not just understand, the theological and philosophical depths of Christianity. In this influential text, Bishop Barron explores the nature of belief, the mystery of God, the story of Christ, the work of the Spirit, the life of the Church, and the resurrection of the dead.

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