Summoned at Every Age: Finding God in our Later Years


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Life summons us at every age--calls us to be ready for new endeavors. Whether in youth or adulthood we are always learning, always growing. Jesuit retreat master Peter van Breemen invites us to recognize that amidst the challenges of growing older there is profound beauty and grace. Summoned at Every Age awakens a sense of profound gratitude for the gift of life and beckons us to find our inner center of stillness. Ignatius of Loyola made God's desire to give us his very self the foundation of his spirituality. In the same way, van Breemen helps us appreciate that God remains with us as we age. Aging is indeed a grace; but it can also be a multifaceted and complex task. This engaging and easy-to-read book will help readers experience both harmony and fruitfulness as they learn to age gracefully with God.

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