Understanding the Bible


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Have you been moved to pick up the Bible but found it hard to navigate? Have you tried reading the Bible but found it overwhelming? Maybe you’re familiar with the Bible but still can’t understand how its wisdom impacts your life.

If you’re ready to dive in and get more out of Sacred Scripture,
Fr. Jeffrey Kirby is here to provide you with some down-to-earth, pastoral guidance in Understanding the Bible: A Catholic Guide to Applying God’s Word to Your Life Today.

This book shows that the Bible is accessible, understandable, livable, and enjoyable. Each chapter provides a quick, easy-to-read summary of a book of the Bible, touching on the history and themes, applying the book to our own issues and struggles today, and offering guidance for getting started reading that specific book. By growing in confidence and understanding of the Bible, we can discover more fully the words and deeds of God and apply the revelation and wisdom contained in Sacred Scripture to our lives today.

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