With All That We Have-Why Aren't We Satisfied?


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Clifford Williams answers the question nagging at many people even as they ride the bull market to unprecedented material success: With all that we have, why aren’t we satisfied?

In his new book, Why Aren’t We Satisfied?, Williams says we substitute trivial projects and possessions for significant ones, chasing cheap thrills instead of seeking meaning.

Williams offers nearly 100 meditations, each followed by an original aphorism he wrote for his philosophy students at Trinity College in Deerfield, Illinois. Each meditation attempts to get at the inner dynamics of a spiritual life describing the struggles and longings -- as well as the fullness and joy -- found in exploring life's depth. The meditations are grounded in the human experience, presenting real questions, real conflicts and real wisdom.

Grouped into 10 sections including "Falling in Love with the Idea of Love," "Restless Hearts," and "Comfort Money Cannot Buy," Why Aren't We Satisfied? helps us root out material addictions and fill our emptiness in ways that bring us closer to God.

Connecting with broad biblical motifs, Why Aren't We Satisfied? addresses the desire for spiritual renewal, the desire to be healed of past mistakes, the desire to truly know ourselves and the desire to know who we are in relation to God and others.

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