The Willpower Advantage: Building Habits for Lasting Happiness


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Unifying people of good will in living God's will

Christians, as well as all men and women, are called to holiness and happiness, but we all struggle with taking the practical steps necessary to overcome the vices that rob us of our peace and steal our joy. The WillPower Advantage shows that we need to renew our minds with the truth about ourselves—that we are not to be passive in the face of our challenges, but to use our will and our strength to surrender to God's grace and transform the world, beginning with ourselves.

The WillPower Advantage helps people to build the virtues they need by providing practical wisdom from ancient and contemporary sources. The book includes a Spiritual Audit, which identifies a person's temperament along with its strengths and weaknesses. The virtues each person's temperament needs are then presented systematically with practical tips for strengthening them.

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