Dining with Pharisees


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Were the Pharisees unfairly portrayed in the New Testament? What would a wider reading of Luke's Gospel reveal? To begin dialoguing with these questions, J. Patrick Mullen focuses on Simon, the Pharisee of Luke 7:36-50, to study and "redeem" the Pharisees of early Judaism. With two methodologies, redactional and anthropological, Mullen discusses these questions and analyzes the Pharisaic movement and first-century Judaism by placing the issues within cultural context. Other topics that arise are the fractures between the Christian and Jewish communities, the development of tradition, and the issues of comparing the various Gospels, especially Luke and Mark. To arrive at a unified reading of Luke, Mullen studies how Luke combines various sources to create a thematic focus and uniquely Lukan portrayal of Jesus. Posing and resolving questions, Dining with Pharisees will help bring readers and students to a deeper understanding of the early Jewish and Christian faith communities.

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