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These adorable crib shoes are named after the town of Emmaus. It was to this town that two of Christ's disciples were walking when they encountered the risen Lord. Initially, the two disciples did not recognize Christ, but eventually He revealed Himself to them.

We hope that wearing these genuine leather shoes will not only be comfortable and fun for your little one, but that it will also help them to walk with our Lord starting at a young age.

Our white crib shoes are made especially for little ones being baptized. The chosen symbol is actually a combination of three symbols: a dove, a shell with a cross on it, and water. All three symbols are meant to represent Baptism. At Baptism, an individual is not only cleansed from Original Sin by the waters of Baptism, but they also receive the Holy Spirit. The shell has special significance as well. When pouring the water over an individual's head at Baptism, the instrument used typically looks like a shell. This is because a shell is a historical symbol for resurrection. Baptism is a rebirth. At Baptism, we are reborn as children of God.

We hope that these shoes help to mark your little one's Baptismal day with special significance. Not only are they a great addition to the Baptismal garment, but they also make a wonderful keepsake.

"Beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news." Romans 10:15

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