Forgiveness & Healing (Conversations with Teens: Catholic Perspectives)

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Developed to meet the expressed needs of catechists, youth ministers, and teachers, each of these new books focuses on a topic of high interest or urgent concern to teens today -- and views it in the light of our faith. Each book offers the components for an interactive presentation on one theme. Use all the components for a three-hour interactive session, or select just certain components to suit a shorter time frame for a class period or a program session.

For Leaders:
-- Directions, lesson outline
-- Statement of objectives
-- Presentation of Church teaching
-- Suggestions for parent involvement
-- Theme-related information from other disciplines

For Teens:
-- Icebreakers
-- Faith-sharing stories, examples from life
-- Suggestions for service, journaling, research, community involvement
-- activities and games
-- Prayer experiences
-- Reproducible handouts

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