God of Many Loves


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Sometimes the simplest truths are the hardest to remember. Sometimes we forget that Christianity is first of all about love, and that it begins with God's love for us, not with our love for God. A seasoned spiritual director, Fr. Max Oliva knows how easy it is to get caught up in ourselves and lose track of God. As he guides us on this enriching journey of remembrance and discovery, he encourages us to remember all the ways God has been present throughout our lives and to discover God's love anew. This book will be helpful to many people who find it hard to believe in the prodigal love of God. The personal stories of the author and his friends provide much food for reflection and point top ways of engaging in a personal relationship with our God of many loves. --William A. Barry, S. J. To read this book is to make a retreat and come away with the object of one's deepest longing. What a clear and compelling presentation of the consolations of Christian faith! --Kathleen Fischer and Thomas Hart This is a marvelous, practical book. The many stories draw us to appreciate similar experiences in our own lives. --John English, S. J. Max Oliva. S.J., is a Jesuit priest and the author of seven books on the spiritual journey. His books cover such topics as: prayer, finding the love of God in daily life, compassion, social justice, ethics in the marketplace, and the masculine journey. Before joining the Jesuits, Father Max was in business. He has an Undergraduate Degree in Marketing and an MBA in Organizational Behavior in addition to a Masters in Divinity. Currently based in Spokane, Washington, he offers retreats and workshops on spirituality and ethics in the US and in Canada. His web site is: www.ethicsinthemarketplace.com

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