God with Us: The Story of Jesus as Told by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John


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Get acquainted with Jesus of Nazareth by reading his life story.

Whether at home or at church, you certainly have heard about Jesus. But have you read his story from the original source, the Bible? Like many others, you might find this difficult and inaccessible unless you have a deep understanding of how the books of the New Testament are organized. The Gospels do not follow each other smoothly, and many of us do not have resources for such background knowledge.

If you want to grow spiritually but are hesitant to read the Bible, then this book is for you. The most representative passages to reconstruct the story of Jesus chronologically have been selected to provide a biblically based biography— from the announcement of his birth to his resurrection. Questions for discussion and meditation are provided to help you deepen your understanding of Jesus’ teachings and integrate them naturally into daily life.

God with Us is our invitation to you to read about the acts and words of Jesus from the original source and written in modern language. Through this compelling story, you will better understand Jesus’ language of love and feel inspired to follow his teachings.

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