Life After Easter


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The time of mystagogy is that period between Easter and Pentecost when new converts to the Christian church deepen their experience of scripture and sacrament. Even for those who are not new converts, this can be a time of growing closer to God and the church. The paschal mystery was experienced in ritual and liturgy at Easter. Now it takes root in the hearts of believers.
Life after Easter was designed to help Christians reflect, day by day, on what the Easter-event and its aftermath mean for them. The fifty reflections, based on the readings in the lectionary, help to relate scripture to everyday experience. Places in the Bible are juxtaposed with towns and neighborhoods where people live today. But the same joy, doubt, excitement and sense of mission experienced by the disciples after Easter still exists for believers now.
New Christians, those who have just returned to the practice of their faith and believers who simply want to reconfirm their life in the Spirit will welcome Life after Easter.

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