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These moving Memoirs reveal the full story of the legendary hero-priest József Mindszenty, who has come to be regarded as a symbol of Christian and national resistance to Communism. His brave, uncompromising leadership against the atheistic totalitarian government set the example and laid the foundation for the strong, outspoken Christian leadership and witness of the Church in Hungary today.

Mindszenty was arrested, imprisoned, and physically and psychologically tortured by the Communist government. He spent eight years in solitary confinement. After the Hungarian uprising in 1956, he took refuge for fifteen years in the American embassy. 

This work is an extraordinary contribution to contemporary history and an eyewitness account of a Church and country under brutal Communist domination in the Cold War era. It also sets the record straight on the causes and circumstances of Mindszenty's departure from the embassy, his visit to the Vatican, and his deposition to the archiepiscopal office. Memoirs is an unforgettable reading experience.

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