Purpose, Passion and God: Awakening to the Deepest Meaning of Life


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Have you ever wondered about the purpose of your life? Have you ever asked, "What is God calling me to do?" In this powerful new work, Janice Dunlap provides a vocational roadmap for you as a Christian seeking God's will for your life. Flying in the face of modern conventional ideas, Dunlap shows you that finding your vocation is less about your own needs and wants, and more about serving and loving others. Jesus is the example of this. And your own participation in God's plan for your life is the result. This book will help you attain a clearer perspective on how your daily tasks point you to the passion and purpose of God already living in you. This book is ideal for pastoral ministers, counselors, catechists, high school students, and the general reader. It invites every follower of Christ to reflect once again on the deepest meaning of life.

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