Reclaim the Fire: A Parish Guide to Evangelization


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It is time to rekindle the fire, to find hope and new life in the church. You've heard the statistics on the church's dwindling numbers, now discover the solution. You know the struggle, now find the joy. Fr. Martin Pable takes a good look at the church and confidently offers a powerful and exciting expression of our possibilities. In a time when the church is needed more than ever before, Reclaim the Fire is a beacon, a promise, and a comfort.

Many Catholics, Pable says, have learned doctrine and participated in sacraments, but have not been evangelized. They have not been taught to know Jesus Christ in a real way. Reclaim the Fire recaptures the heart, the soul, and the mission of the church, and in so doing, feeds the fire started when the church began.

Pable outlines a way to reverse discouraging trends and bring the people back to the faith. He looks to our present culture and shows how the church can be a light to the nations, and he demonstrates how every parish can spread the gospel message with enthusiasm.

No parish should be without this important resource.

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