Nativity Wooden Balance Game


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Celebrate the joy of the Christmas season with this family friendly wooden balance game! Take turns rolling the dice and try to stack the angels and stars as high as you can- but be careful not to rock the base and knock down all the pieces! The beautiful monochromatic white painting and exposed hardwood add a gorgeous natural touch to any Christmas home.

Dimensions: Rocking Nativity base is 10” wide by ~4 inches tall

A favorite of European toy manufacturers, our new wood sets are crafted using highly sustainable solid rubberwood from Forest Stewardship Council certified sources, and non-toxic water based paint.

Rubberwood is a highly sustainable and beautiful hardwood. Trees that have finished producing latex on rubber tree farms are cut down to make room for new trees to be planted. Instead of wasting this beautiful wood, it is used to create a variety of home goods and toys! We've very intentionally selected rubberwood for this reason, to avoid deforestation and ensure our wooden toys are truly environmentally friendly.

Conforms to all ASTM standards for toy safety.

For ages 18+ months

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