Magnify: Pursuing Virtue as a Feminine Genius


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Magnify is a book of reflections on virtues geared to deepen a woman's interior spiritual life, so that her exterior life magnifies the Lord. Each day begins with passages from scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, or the writings of female saints; then readers meditate upon a guided reflection. Women are asked to prayerfully take up an ascetic way of life for 3 months, to give more room to silence for listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. As we live a simpler life, we can more easily practice the virtues. The introduction offers particular mortifications to root out vices that so frequently blur our pursuit of holiness. This book is for all adult women, no matter her state in life, and may be read independently of the ascetic components. Virtues discussed are: humility, affability, gratitude, magnanimity, prayerfulness, docility, industriousness, zeal, modesty, moderation, foresight, and perseverance. Magnify was initially a response to Exodus 90, a valuable and worthy masculine spirituality endeavor, because women shouldn't do Exodus 90. But it's actually so much more than just that. It's a pursuit of virtue by meditating on the genius of women. God calls us all to be Saints. We women are invited in a particular way to Magnify the Lord like Mary! Prior knowledge of Exodus 90 is not at all relevant for a woman reading Magnify. More details can be found on"Women who commit to the daily discipline, prayer, and reflections found in "Magnify: Pursuing Virtue as a Feminine Genius" will find great spiritual refreshment and opportunities to grow in their friendship with Jesus. I think the 90-day program found in this book would be a good spiritual project for a parish women's group or for any individual desiring to discover her own "feminine genius." I heartily recommend this book for such use in the Archdiocese."- MOST REV. JOSEPH F. NAUMANN, ARCHBISHOP OF KANSAS CITY, KS

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