My Steps to Pray the Rosary (with pull-down sliders)


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My Guide to Pray the Rosary, with pull-down red window sliders is a new concept in praying the same traditional rosary.
This colorful rosary card has fun little red windows to close as you recite each Hail Mary and other prayers. With easy to follow directions on front and back, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to pray a rosary!

Praying the rosary has never been easier!

The tactile manipulation of closing the red windows is highly motivating for children and adults. Simply close the window each time you say a prayer.

Say the prayers on Row 1
Repeat rows 2, 3, and 4 for a total of 5 times to say a full rosary, or fewer times to say a condensed rosary.
Finish with prayers on row 5.

All prayers are listed on the back of the card. Every mystery, with the recommended day of the week, is also on the back of the card. Very user friendly. People ‘on the go’ like this because the visual of closed windows helps track your place if you get interrupted.

Great for preschoolers and young children to pray along with parents. This card is very versatile for any age: children, adults, someone learning the rosary, those who like to check off their progress, and people without good fine motor ability to use traditional rosary beads.


Special note from the creator:

"My name is Denise Knight and I am a mother of three and a special needs catechist in the Dallas area. As my family joins many others with kids home from school due to the coronavirus I believe God can bring good out of this challenge.

As parents, we are now tasked with creating structure at home for our kids to thrive. This is a unique opportunity to start new faith routines and increase and extend our lent pledge by saying prayers. I’m suggesting engaging children in the practice of a family rosary to help all of us affected by the virus, to bring about healing and comfort. This family rosary is a very tangible way for people of all ages to feel like they are doing something to help.

Additionally, as my family was affected by the need to find alternate Sunday mass services, we began watching Sunday mass on tv. I suggest that children might be more interested in sitting in front of the tv if they use my shop’s colorful hands-on mass guide to follow along. Check it out as well as my whole line of products on my Etsy site, called My Steps To.

Peace and blessings to you and your family,

Denise Knight
Owner and Creator, My Steps To..."

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