Body Mind Spirit: Tapping the Healing Power within You

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Dr. Johnson details the 30 healing virtues we all possess. With this guide, readers can view illness as an opportunity to begin living as never before. Gradually, Lorraine began to climb out of the pit of despair she had dug for herself. She began to see a flicker of the light of hope that had grown so dim since her diagnosis. Something was changing for her--something with the power of the universe behind it. How could this be happening? How did Lorraine transform her tragedy into a lesson for peace? Psychologist Richard Johnson calls Lorraine and others like her "spiritually healing persons," because they have risen to a new level of spirituality as a result of a traumatic illness. In this book Dr. Johnson details the 30 "healing virtues" they possess and how they used those virtues to transform themselves "from disgruntled patients into glorious persons for whom sickness has become a challenge and an opportunity for healing." Body/Mind/Spirit will not only "provide a picture of what a spiritually healing person looks like but [will] provide a road map to help you get there yourself."

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