Growl: Trouble at Kindness Zoo


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This humorous picture book from Dr. Tony Evans teaches children what it means to “carry each other’s burdens” (Galatians 6:2) and why we should be kind, considerate, and thoughtful of others. In this fun storybook, there’s an uproar at Kindness Zoo. Mealtime wasn’t exactly what the animals expected, and Marquis the zookeeper was nowhere in sight. Roberta Rosie, the antelope, was bellowing; Junior, the crocodile, was snapping; Cuddles, the polar bear, was roaring; Fred, the elephant was stomping; and Sofia, the python, was hissing. It was so loud that Sunny, the lion, couldn’t sleep a wink. But when Sunny realizes why the animals are all a-fuss, he does his best to help fix the problem. Even though he hasn’t caused the madness, he saves the day with his kindness toward his fellow zoo-mates.

9" × 9" Hardcover • Children’s Picture book 28 pages • Ages 3-5 • Four color interior

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