Lectio Divina: 30 Days of Peace Journal


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Lectio Divina: 30 Days of Peace Journal makes it easier than ever to engage in the ancient practice of Lectio Divina. Also known as “Divine Reading,” this method is a beautiful way to draw deeper into the Word of God through reading, meditation, prayer, and contemplation. One month’s worth of relevant scripture has been carefully selected around the theme of peace. Each Bible passage is printed with ample space for highlighting or underlining of text, with a dedicated place for notetaking. Inspired by ancient illuminated manuscripts, the design of this journal is meant to immerse you in ancient tradition, drawing you closer to your roots in Christ.

Book covers are in color and inside pages are black and white.


  • Meditate on what you need: Peace!
  • 30 Bible passages are printed for you. No need to look anything up.
  • Dedicated space for notetaking and connecting your prayer and scripture reading with daily events and experiences.

***Scripture verses from: The Holy Bible Douay-Rheims Version, Challoner Revision The Old and New Testaments, 1749-1752.***

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