Life, Death, and Catholic Medical Choices


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With the many medical options available for ourselves and loved ones, how do we make informed decisions which draw upon our Catholic tradition and so respect our human dignity and the dignity of others?

This small book, using question-answer format, addresses topics that touch:

  • On the beginning of human life ;
  • medical responses to infertility, stem cell research, etc. ;
  • On life "in between";
  • organ donation, genetic testing, experimental treatment, etc. ;
  • On the end of life
  • pain management, euthanasia, withdrawing life support, cremation, etc.

In Life, Death, and Medical Choices: 50 Questions from the Pews, Revs. Black and O'Neil bring professional training in Catholic ethics into dialogue with questions that people in the pews must face. Using precise language they help us understand the core values of respect for life and human dignity that are the heart of moral analysis and pastoral theological reflection.

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