Summer Grace (Book #8 in The Adventures of Nick & Sam)


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Nicolas (Nick) and Samantha (Sam) Perry are twins. They moved with their parents, their brother Andrew, and their sister Lizzy, to the Colorado town of Hope Springs. The likeable and engaging characters reflect the sensibilities and struggles of being Catholic in the quirky small town of Hope Springs, and in the many adventures that make the teachings of the Church come alive.

July means two things for Nick & Sam: a big celebration on the Fourth and going to Campt W. And both offer a few surprises. Who knew that watching fireworks from Chimney Hill would lead to more mystery surrounding a house that burned to the ground? Or that camp would be filled with crazy games, angry bees, strange thieves, a powerboat, and sleep-walking? With Summer Grace, readers see first-hand the moments of grace God wants us all to share.

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