Rekindle the Passion While Raising Your Kids


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Once they dreamed of being lovers, partners, companions and friends. But the passion of that dream can be easily lost in too-busy days with the pressures of work, the harried pace of caring for a growing family and the ups and down of daily routine. But it can be restored -- Most books about marriage say the answer is improved communication and problem-solving skills. Tony Garascia says these skills help but the real answer is in learning to dream those dreams again. Four images -- lover, partner, companion, friend - re-imagined, redreamed and rekindled are a core around which energy and passion can be restored in your marriage. They can sustain you when the going gets tough and your dreams are tested, propelling you back into the future you once dreamed. A passionate marriage is more than a set of life-skills. It is an act of the imagination . . . and Tony Garascia's insights help married couples rekindle the flame of their dreams.

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