St Joseph: Help For Life's Emergencies


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Let the saint who cared for Jesus and Mary care for you.

We know we can trust someone who has training or expertise in a particular area, or whose personal experience connects with our own, or because that person simply, obviously immensely cares for us.

Time and again, Saint Joseph has interceded on behalf of so many people: young and old, rich and poor, the devout and the half-hearted. People seek his example and his help in handling life's emergencies:

Family Issues
Real Estate
Happy Death
Divine Providence
Home Improvement
Good Health
Many people today know St. Joseph as the "real estate agent." Plant a statue in the front yard of a house you are trying to sell, and you'll get results fast. Not simply a handbook on how to sell a house, this book is an essential guide to devotion to Saint Joseph. Others who have discovered the power of his intercession will lead you, through the stories of Joseph's powerful help in their moments of need, to place yourself under the guidance and protection of the head of the Holy Family.


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